CatcHment news

 The Lower Mersey is the new name for the Mersey Estuary since the Lower Mersey Catchment Partnership decided on a rename.

Three Catchment partnerships are established and steering groups meet regularly for the Lower Mersey, Alt/Crossens and the Upper Mersey catchments.

 Stockport Plaza launched the 'Mersey Flow ' event held on 3rd April 2014. 

Mersey Rivers Trust is Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) host for 3 catchment partnerships: Alt/Crossens, Mersey Estuary and Upper Mersey.







Catchment Partnerships

The Government has introduced a catchment-based approach for the management of the water environment across all areas of England for more integrated water management. The Government’s policy, which was informed by a series of pilot catchment partnerships, aims to establish catchment partnerships throughout England, which will work together with local stakeholders. The main aim of these partnerships is to deliver improved water quality through River Basin Management Plans.

In September 2013, the Mersey Rivers Trust took the lead for three of the catchment partnerships. These three Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) catchments fall within the Mersey Rivers Trust area of operation. A summary of the three catchments is here.

 More information on each catchment is on the catchment partnership pages: 
 Mersey Estuary  Re-named the Lower Mersey Catchment Partnership by the catchment partners