Trib2Name the Stream Competition 

Voting is now open via the link below.

A local stream's name is currently being decided by public vote. Suggested names submitted in a competition held in 2015 have been shortlisted. Voting is now open to help name the stream that flows from Cheadle Hulme to Cheadle. Anyone can now vote for the name they like best from the shortlist. 

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 Local residents entered the competition to find a name for the nameless tributary that runs between Cheadle College and Bruntwood Park. The competition was open only to local people, and has attracted many entries. Cheadle Estate Agents, Mitchell Williams have promised a bottle of champagne for the winning suggestion. The judges decision is final and a draw will take place if the winning name was originally suggested by more than one person.  

Voting is open until 31st March, so place your vote now!

Consultation on Diffuse Pollution from Agriculture

Defra has launched a consultation on a small number of new basic rules for farmers in England to help tackle diffuse water pollution from agriculture and is interested in your views on these proposals. 

The consultation runs for 8 weeks, from 30 September to 24 November 2015 so please respond byTuesday 24 November. 

The proposed rules aim to improve the efficiency of farms, protect the water environment and to support competitive agriculture. 

Farming naturally impacts on the water environment and many farmers already take action to reduce this impact, perhaps as a result of advice or incentives such as Countryside Stewardship or through industry-led or water company action. The new rules will provide a new baseline for industry practice which will increase overall competiveness and efficiency and improve the environment by reducing pollution from agriculture.   

You can access the consultation from

Shape the Stream

Flyer-frontpage shape-the-streamWe are asking local people to help us shape the plans for a stream in Cheadle.

At a public meeting on 28th September at Cheadle College, the Healthy Rivers Trust and its partners will discuss emerging plans for improving the watercourse which is currently un-named.  Later in the year, a river restoration project will take place on the stream and we would like to know what people think before we make the plans.

To find out what locals would like to see for the watercourse, so that people and wildlife can enjoy it more, we are inviting local residents to the evening event.  There will be a raffle with prizes donated by local businesses and a competition will be launched to find a name for the stream.

Any local people who would like to come along to hear about the project, please come to Cheadle College at 6.30pm on Monday 28th September.

Project partners include: Healthy Rivers Trust, Stockport Council, JBA Consulting, Stockport Homes and the Environment Agency.