Collaborative water management in the urban environment can realise multiple benefits including reduced flood risk, improved water quality and biodiversity, greater amenity and enhanced community health and wellbeing.

These workshops are designed to build capacity and expertise within CaBA partnerships to help drive greater collaborative delivery within the urban environment. The workshop programmes will include:

  • Governance, roles and responsibilities across key stakeholders
  • Urban Ecosystem Service Benefits
  • Key Datasets
  • SuDS, Misconnections and Pollution Monitoring
  • Targeting and Design of Interventions
  • A lunchtime discussion session with Local Authorities and other key stakeholders.


Call of Nature - Treasure Hunt

Buried below a house in the Alt/Crossens catchment is treasure...but will it be your house?Treasure Hunt

Come along to any event for the 'Call of Nature' project to take part in this fun treasure hunt. It is really easy to play and completely free! All you have to do is mark on our map where you live (within the Alt/Crossens catchment) with a numbered dot. We will pick a number at random and the person at that house will win the treasure!

The draw will take place at the end of March.

The first event is at Martin Mere Wetland Centre on Monday 13th February.

Keep checking the Mersey Rivers Trust's website, Facebook page and Twitter page for dates and information on upcoming events.

F: @MerseyRivers
T: @MerseyRivers

Corporate supports Litter Boat project

Finding funding for projects can be a huge challenge. There are a lot of businesses who would like to be seen to be supporting environmental projects, but the harsh reality is that the more they can gain, the more they're likely to invest. So we need to demonstrate that projects such as this are worth their while.

That's why we are asking for your help, taking only 3 minutes of your time, to prove to big businesses that it's great for them to support valuable environmental projects.
Sponsored by Morgan Sindall, the Irwell Pride Litter Boat re-launched on 2nd December with Morgan Sindall offering up to £2,000 of vouchers to pay for the litter boat and the more vouchers redeemed, the more funding the litter boat will be able to access.

To help out, all you need to do is:
√ Go to
√ You will be emailed a unique code as a URL / web link (please check your Junk mail).
√ Click on the link or put it in your browser and hit the 'Use Code' button at the bottom left hand side of the web page

√ Then, Morgan Sindall will donate £1 towards the Litter Boat.
Please spread the word by sharing the link with colleagues, friends and family, promote the project using the social media buttons that you'll see on the project web page. The more people that engage, the more evidence we produce that people care and businesses should care too.
Watch @downstreamsCIC on Twitter for footage of the #LitterBoat launch on 2nd December.

Litter boat 2 02122016